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Learn how and when to remove this template message A Dot-com company is a for-profit company that does most of its business through the Internet, and that usually uses a. Below are some Dot-com companies founded with venture capital during the bubble, spun off by larger companies as Dot-com companies, or whose success or failure was determined by the bubble.

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Airspan Networks : A wireless firm; in Julyits stock price doubled on its first day of trading as investors focused on telecommunications companies instead of dot-com companies. AltaVista : A Web search engine established in It became one of the most-used early search engines, but lost ground to Google and was purchased by Yahoo!

It filed for bankruptcy in May The site is now defunct.

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It used controversial marketing campaigns including a Super Bowl ad in which fake gerbils were shot out of a cannon. It went bankrupt in and stopped paying rebates.

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It went public as the bubble burst and filed for bankruptcy after executives were accused of looting a subsidiary. Egghead Software : An online software retailer, its shares surged in as investors bought up shares of Internet companies; bythe company was bankrupt. It was acquired by KB Toyswhich later also filed for bankruptcy.

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After trying unsuccessfully to sell the Excite portal during a sharp downturn in online advertising, the company câștigurile pe internet fără investiții qw 247 for bankruptcy in September It was famous for having Whoopi Goldberg as its spokesperson. At the time, it was the 5th largest Internet service provider in the United Stateswith 3. CEO Stephan Paternot became a visible symbol of the excesses of dot-com millionaires and is famous for saying "Got the girl.

Got the money. Now I'm ready to live a disgusting, frivolous life".

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Healtheon : Founded by James H. HomeGrocer : A public online grocer that merged with Webvan. Internet America : Its stock price doubled in a day in December despite no specific news about the company.

Dot-com bubble

NorthPoint then filed for bankruptcy. After lawsuits from both parties, Verizon and NorthPoint settled out of court.

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The company failed less than a year later when it became apparent that its technologies were fraudulent or misrepresented. Its founder had been a convicted felon who changed his name.

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Prodigy : An ISP whose stock price doubled on its first day of trading. Razorfish : An Internet advertising consultancy, its stock doubled on its first day of trading in April It pioneered digital distribution deals as one of the first companies to sign agreements with major music publishers.

In Februarythe company was acquired by Telefónica.

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Think Tools : One of the most extreme symptoms of the bubble in Europe, this company reached a market valuation of CHF2. The company shut down in after failing to execute.