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    Overview[ edit ] Whereas statistics and data analysis procedures generally yield their output in numeric or tabular form, graphical techniques allow such results to be displayed in some sort of pictorial form.

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    They include plots such as scatter plotshistogramsprobability plotsspaghetti plotsresidual plots, box plotsblock plots and biplots. They can also provide insight into a data set to help with testing assumptions, model selection and regression model validationestimator selection, relationship identification, factor effect determination, and outlier detection. In addition, the choice of appropriate statistical graphics can provide a convincing means of communicating the underlying message that is present in the data to others.

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    If one is not using statistical graphics, then one is forfeiting insight into one or more aspects of the underlying structure of the data. History[ edit ] Statistical graphics have been central to the development of science and date to the earliest attempts to analyse data.

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    Many familiar forms, including bivariate plotsstatistical mapsbar chartsand coordinate paper were used in the 18th metatrader 4 semnale pentru opțiuni binare. Statistical graphics developed through attention to four problems: [3] Spatial organization in the 17th and 18th century Discrete comparison in the 18th and early 19th century Continuous distribution in the 19th century and Multivariate distribution and correlation in the late 19th and 20th century.

    Since the s statistical graphics have been re-emerging as an important analytic tool with the revitalisation of computer graphics and related technologies. Famous graphics were designed by: William Playfair who produced what could be called the first linebarpieand area charts.

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    For example, in he published the well known diagram that depicts the evolution of England 's imports and exports, [4] Florence Nightingalewho used statistical graphics to persuade the British Government to improve army hygiene, [5] John Snow who plotted deaths from cholera in London in to detect the source of the disease, diagrama liniei de trend a complotului and Charles Joseph Minard who designed a large portfolio of maps of which the one depicting Napoleon 's campaign in Russia is the best known.