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Attractions[ edit ] view from downtown Mattawa with Highway and the Mattawa River. Mattawa is the site of many large wooden statues depicting local historical figures, such as Champlain, Pierre-Esprit RadissonMédard des Groseilliersand others.

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The Mattawa District Museum prominently features a 17 ft 5. The statues are placed widely throughout Mattawa, and in two locations outside the town on nearby Highway They trace its origins back towhen Chevalier de Troyes had three crosses erected while leading an expedition to attack English trading posts on James Bay.

This was to make it easier for voyageurs to spot the entrance to the Mattawa which was the access to the upper Great Lakes. They are accessible via a trail which begins at the Quebec end of the railroad bridge which crosses the river at Mattawa.

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The view from the three crosses is a spectacular panorama of the town and of the two rivers. Mattawa provides access to numerous dropping off points for canoeing or boating on the Ottawa River. The river acts as a natural border between the hills of the province of Quebec and Ontario.

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The Mattawa River flows through the Canadian Shield, and wildlife can often be seen and heard. The area offers fishing, camping, and hiking. There are numerous motels, tranzacționând cu tendința pe forturi, and retreat centres in and around Mattawa. The park is also home of the Canadian Ecology Centrean eco-friendly retreat centre that is facilitated to accommodate business retreats.

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Algonquin Provincial Park can be accessed from the north side in Kiosk or the east side in Brent. InMattawa and the townships of BonfieldPapineau-CameronMattawan and Calvin were rebranded as a single Mattawa Voyageur Country tourist region, in order to promote the area.

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It is organized by the Town of Mattawa. Concerts take place behind the Museum on Explorer's Point, with many other events and attractions around town.

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Some of the events include a regional talent night, car showlumberjack competition, and canoe race. Up-and-coming artists from inside and outside the region take the stage on the Thursday night.

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On the Sunday night, at dusk, there is a traditional choreographed fireworks show. Mattawa Voyageur Days celebrated its 10th anniversary in Julyselling out of its 7, admission wristbands before the event had begun.

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Mattawa is also mentioned in the Stompin' Tom Connors song " Big Joe Mufferaw ", which references a Canadian folk hero named Big Joe Mufferaw who supposedly "paddled into Mattawa, all the way from Ottawa in just one day.